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A drabble XD

It's been forever since I posted in all my communities XD so I present an except of *cue dramatic music* MY MIND!

This is a recurring joke between me and my sister so follow the guidelines;

Mickey is in the Org. XIII with Riku using the aliases Death and Misery

Title: Why Xemnas doesn't like Death
Pairings: none actually (GASP TAMENESS!) just some Riku/Mickey friendship
Spoilers; Some to Org.
Rating: PG13 and you'll see why

The lovely heartshaped moon glowed against the Leader's golden eyes as they spied and analyzed whatever they sensed as movement. He was a careful man and nothing was that wasn't under his control...except the newest members of his, observe the possesive connotation, Organization XIII.

A rather short rodentia and a blindfolded boy that brought some delightful thoughts to Xemnas' mind. Why not memories? Why, Nobodies don't have memories, right? The moment they appeared on the doorsteps of his fort in a forgotten world, the Leader suddenly felt the strings not slip out of his hands but ripped out and taken by the seemingly common pair. But as long as the high counts of bodies and hearts were constant, Xemnas did not mind. Big mistake.

Where could that Misery be?! He's thirty minutes late! Xemnas grumbled under his breath, his vocal cords still resonating with the voice he has used when his name was Xenahort. The lively steps above his head signalled the leader to sidestep to the left, allowing the young man to drop from the hinges.

"One made-to-deliver dozen of Nobodies, leader." Misery grinned through the rough blindfold. His weapon, the Soul Reaper, lay covered in dripping crimson, giving Xemnas a pretty good idea where the Nobodies has surged.

"How many dead..." Xemnas was interrupted by the boy's index finger going to and fro.

"They prefer the term 'Living Impaired' and like you ordered, twelve." Misery replied with a wide bow.

"And your partner?"

A thinking motion and Riku shrugged. "Dunno. Lost him a while ago."

"Thanks a lot Misa-chan!" a squeaky voice exclaimed from behind. Contrary to his contemporaries, the black jacket seemed ludicrous on the shortest member of the Organization. But with the blood contouring his face and his keyblade, any member that was left on the order knew to respect the one Xemnas called Death. That night he held a bag covered in the same color as his face, something that brought a grin to Misery.

(Misa-chan= short for Misery-chan)

"I take it you did your job right. Good." the leader coldly congratulated. "You may do as you please."

Just as Xemnas was about to step into the summoned portal of Betwix and Between, he was stopped by Death.

"What do you want?"

"Hey, Xemnas, just wanted to ask somethin'."

This wasn't the first time the mouse "nobody" had made such a request and the quickest way to get rid of him was to humor him.

"Go ahead." Xemnas replied.

"Have you ever seen a heart?" the mouse inquired frankly, the question slightly confusing Xemnas.


"No no, I mean a real real heart."

Xemnas grew more suspicious as he answered "No."

The mouse suddenly giggled and the young man stifled a laugh. With a consequent glare, Misery ran off. Death was about to catch up but he turned around caught up with Xemnas. He quickly handed his stained bag to the leader and said;

"Sir could you please hold on to this? It would sure mean a lot to me." the mouse added before running into the distance with his partner.

Xemnas sighed half-annoyed...that mouse was pushing his limits...

Wait, what was that thumping sound?

The Leader tracked the sound to the bag he had just recieved. In a fit of curiosity, he opened it. His face shifted from pure disgust to rage...

It was a beating heart.

XD Hope you all like it!!
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