The Penguin commands you (penguinfighter) wrote in dark_mouse_love,
The Penguin commands you

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2
Title: Dance of Flames
Author: penguinfighter
Pairing: Riku/King Mickey
Rating: G-PG

x-posted at 30_romances

Riku shivered with each snowflake that touched his skin. He was far enough from civilization to know that he had no chance of making it on his own. He hid under a cave that had served shelter for something at least three times his height. The keyblade master trembled as he waited for his comrade to come back.

Where could he be?!

King Mickey had been investigating the behavior of certain Nobodies under extreme stress. His analytic behavior had warmed up to Riku; he was a king that didn't beat around the bush. The book he left behind, The Human Mind had to be torn apart to provide insulation.

"What good is a book if it can't provide any good help?" Mickey explained when asked why he would ruin such a voluminous book. "Besides, humans cannot be defined by books, they can't even be defined by themselves."

Riku once tried to understand his notes, but the mathematics and terms involved would make him dizzy. What sort of magic did those hedonistic books have to enthrall such an experienced monarch?

The boy saw his breath condense into crystal drops and float away in the breeze. Mickey once told him to watch the little things in life and now he had the chance. Each droplet turned into an illusion of days past back at Destiny Islands, a place he had deliberately refused. He saw the mental tricks recollect his memories.

The king tackled Riku from behind, hugging him so tightly.

"i was wondering where you were."
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