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Title: Scarlet ribbons
Characters/Pairing/Something: MickeyxRiku.
Author's note: Now THIS is my specialty!! First person POV be warned of a bit of OOC 'cause i usually write this from RPing and from listening to way too many rock and OST cds, slight swearing, mention of minnie (she cool with me) and violence
Part 1/? (haven't completed it yet XD )
crossposted at my account

Interesting how life is…I was once Death incarnated and now look at me…I’m fighting for not just for my kingdom but for countless others alongside a couple of children and my own comrades. I hate to admit it but I have become a sorry excuse of a vampire, defending my dinner. But one caught my attention, a white-haired young man whose heart once did I want to rip out for having darkness within.

Well at least I’m not like all the other immortals that mope around because they’re sick of life. I frankly like the fact that I can make a difference.

Anyways, this boy’s Riku; a native to Destiny Islands, and sometimes one helluva angst kitten. Minnie would either congratulate me for such a wise choice or smack the shit out of me because I was sleeping with him. Another footstep in my vampire downfall; I actually listen to my wife.

But if you, kind listener, were to see him, you’d cheat on your spouse too. The boy’s practically sex on legs!

We had just escaped a building called Castle Oblivion as spies for a fellow named DiZ, infiltrating Organization XIII as other Nobodies. I always wondered the fact how Nobodies do not exist when I could touch one; why I feel remorse after Sora, Donald and Goofy would destroy them. Maybe they have stronger hearts than I do. I said maybe.

Riku acquired his darkness from Ansem, or should I say, Xenahort. I remember that first night in Kingdom Hearts…the red ribbon that connects us was born.

That night, I had an incredible bloodlust and had already drained a couple of heartless. Heartless blood is not the same as human, it just slightly satisfies the sensation. Suddenly, I picked up his heartbeat. Hey, these ears aren’t just because they make me all cute and lovable. As I moved in for the kill, I heard some sobbing from his mouth. Normally, a vamp doesn’t care if you’re crying or celebrating, you’re always going to be lumped against a pork chop in the food pyramid.

When I turned him on his side, the tears were already marked on his face. Of course, if I had maintained a certain façade, I wasn’t about to let it go to waste especially when it got me 3 course meals. I lifted his chin slightly with my bare bloody hand and saw into despair so deep it almost choked me. In my 289 years of life, had I seen such misery in one single man, much less a boy? Yet another downfall: I have a heart, a dead one but a heart nonetheless; so I held Riku close, hugged him if you will. I still remember his slightly blank expression grow into one of surprise when I did this. Honestly, I was surprised myself; I had never done this to anyone that had not come from Disney Castle.

Could I say that the great vampire Mickey Mouse was falling for this Riku? Not on your life! It seemed like much-needed comfort at the time; me from my Minerva and he for the darkness that ate away at his soul.

They always said that love is for the weak; it just causes pain and anguish. I know that I have been strong…so why did my heart just try to do what stakes and bullets couldn’t?
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