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Random art post

Sorry I took so long with the updates!! Also I hope people still come by here 'cuz I got a lot more from where this came from XD
x-posted at 30_romances with my claim there

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2
Title: Dance of Flames
Author: penguinfighter
Pairing: Riku/King Mickey 4/30
Rating: G
Theme: #9 Rush; Thrill; Exhiliration

Thank you and enjoy!!
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Whoa, whoa, whoa. And not in the Blossom sense. I came here by chance, curiosity if you will. And I'm scarred for life. I am a Mickey freak. In my dorm looking around, not even counting the hundreds of Mickey stuff at home, I see magnets, my juice bottle, my flashlight, lamp, pencil case, cd case, stuffed animal, shoe rack, pencil holder, calendar, poster, and so much more. I'm even wearing a Mickey shirt. And for goodness' sake, I sleep on a Mickey plushie pillow.

Oh my goodness gracious. I love Riku and Mickey, but I never ever thought of them as Riku/Mickey. I'm in total shock.

But histrionics aside, cool picture. ^_^()